All About Cedar City's Historic District

Our real estate agents want to warmly welcome you to Cedar City. Located just a few hours south of Salt Lake City and a few hours north of Las Vegas, Cedar City is one of Utah's most unique communities. Though there are plenty of new businesses and attractions that'll quickly fill up your calendar, we want to take a step back into the past and focus on the Cedar City of yesterday.

All About Cedar City Historic District

Though 2004 was the year when the Cedar City Historic District received official placement on the National Register of Historic Places, this town's area is no spring chicken. Cedar City was established way back in 1851 as a settlement for ironworks. The following year, a town was established less than a mile from the settlement, which grew exceptionally. Unfortunately, the town of over 1,000 people had to relocate after flooding and found their "new" home in what is how the center of Cedar City Historic District.

Misfortune struck again by the end of the decade as most mining operations stopped production, encouraging more than two-thirds of the town to pick up their stakes and head to greener pastures. Ironically, those who stayed used farming and ranching to prosper after the mines closed. Over the centuries, new residents moved in and constructed new homes fitting the architectural style of the era. If you stroll through Cedar City Historic District today, you'll see nearly 200 homes reflecting styles from the 1880s all the way through the 1960s.

What to Do in Cedar City Historic District

One of the best ways to explore the Cedar City Historic District is to conduct your own walking tour. The historic district only officially extends from 100 to 300 West and from 200 South to Shakespeare Lane, an easy and leisurely walk for all ages. Your itinerary should include stops at:

Jolley's Building — 52 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 84720
As one of the oldest buildings on the street, this was the site of the Cedars Hotel, the best in Southern Utah.

Pioneer Iron Works Blast Furnace — 400 North 100 East, Cedar City, UT 84720
This is the historical site where the first iron was constructed on this side of the Mississippi.

Henry Lunt Statue — 10 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 87420
The founder of Cedar City himself is immortalized in this statue.

Bulloch Drug — 91 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 87420
Although it's been a drug store and soda fountain for 60 years, this building was originally constructed in 1917 as the new site of the Cedar Sheep Association Co-Op.

Richard Harrison Statue — 57 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 87420
This statue is dedicated to the Iron Works Superintendent, who, in 1851, organized the first iron-making company in the areas.
Of course, there is much more to Cedar City than just our historic district. You'll find delicious eats at restaurants like Bowman's Cowboy Kitchen, Cedar Breaks Bar and Grill, and Policy Kings Brewery. You'll get a little taste of our arts and culture when you attend a play at Adams Shakespearean Theatre or browse the galleries at Southern Utah Museum of Art. Need some fresh air? We have plenty to spare at Cedar Breaks National Monument and the Coal Creek Parkway Trail.

Would you love to call the Cedar City Historic District home? We can help. Contact us today to tour historic and new Cedar City homes for sale.

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