What Houseplants Are Best For Your Home?

Decorating with houseplants is a great way to stage your home for sale, according to our real estate agents, but including a little greenery in your decor can have other benefits as well.

Plants create extra oxygen in your home, and may also have psychological benefits, such as making you feel more productive and less stressed. If you don't have a practiced green thumb, choosing the wrong houseplants could result in a discouraging and short-lived attempt.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing the best houseplants for your home.

Most plants thrive in a room that receives indirect sunlight and plenty of it. Direct sunlight isn't as good for houseplants as you might think, so avoid putting plants in south-facing windows, as the all-day direct sunlight will damage or kill your plants. Many houseplants, especially flowering ones, do well in east or west-facing windows that get direct sunlight for a few hours and shade the rest of the day. Some houseplants, such as foliage plants, like bright light with no direct sunlight, so these types will do best set back from the window in a room that gets lots of natural light.

Gardening Aptitude
Set yourself up for success by choosing plants that are well-matched to your habits and your gardening experience and abilities. Avoid houseplants that are difficult to care for, no matter how beautiful, if you don't already have a developed green thumb or if you won't be around a lot. For instance, cacti and other drought-resistant houseplants work great in Cedar City homes for sale, since they require very little maintenance.

If you have pets, it's also important to ensure you aren't bringing toxic plants into the home. Some houseplants, have to be chewed on in order to be dangerous, such as devil's ivy, a popular houseplant that you'll find in many homes and offices because of how easy it is to grow. Even if your pet isn't a chewer, certain houseplants could pose a danger. For example, lilies are beautiful houseplants, but their pollen can be fatal to cats and dogs, and the animal doesn't even have to chew on the plant. Simply brushing up against the flowers and licking the pollen off their fur can be enough. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a new plant!

Containers and Soil
It's easy to bring home a houseplant that's already planted, but make sure you understand why the container and the soil it's in were chosen, or you could have issues down the road. Most houseplant containers are designed to drain well, as overwatering can damage plants and cause mold growth. Even the soil can be quite specialized. For instance, cacti are generally planted in something that will drain extra fast, since they're designed to thrive on very little water.
The right type of houseplant can thrive in your home and offer many benefits! To find out what else can help boost your home's appearance as you stage it for sale, contact us today.

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