Your Guide To Skiing Season In Iron County

We're in the throes of winter — have you made it out to the slopes yet? Though this year is definitely not our average snow season, our real estate agents are ready to strap on our skis and make our way down the mountains of Iron County. Are you hoping to hit the slopes this ski season? Here's what you need to know about skiing season in Iron County this year.

Your Guide to Skiing Season in Iron County

Though the entire state of Utah is exceptional, living in Iron County has plenty of unique perks. One of our favorite reasons to call Cedar City home is that it keeps us close to the slopes. Of the many places to enjoy some fresh powder, Brian Head Resort is by far one of the best. Why do we know you'll love Brian Head Resort?

First, the views are incredible. 'Wow' is the only word that'll come to mind when you're taking in the views from the slopes. The breathtaking sights of our most remarkable outdoor spaces, including Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, and Cedar Breaks National Monument, will leave you in awe. You could always take in the views alone, but the other reason we love Brian Head Resort is that it's a perfect destination for friends and families too.

There are small slopes for beginners of all ages to learn how to ski or snowboard on. There are professional lessons available in groups or one-on-one sessions. Rates are affordable compared to some other major resorts in the area, making Brian Head even more accessible to a wider audience. With the national parks and forests right next door, it's effortless to spend a day on the slopes, followed by a day hiking the trails.

Is it Safe to Ski in Iron County This Year?

There's no denying that many are questioning the risks of outdoor activities, especially when others might be around. It comes as no surprise that many residents and prospective visitors to Iron County wonder if it's safe to hit the slopes this year. We completely understand your concerns and always advise you to make decisions based on your unique circumstances. Ultimately, any potential health or safety risks that may or may not be present should be taken into full consideration.

With that being said, Brian Head Resort is making every attempt to operate as safely and securely as possible. According to reports, the resort has recently opened up after shutting down around the onset of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic. They have new safety guidelines and procedures in place to operate responsibly.

Now, visitors will be able to purchase their equipment rentals, lift tickets, and lesson sessions contact-free in advance. As expected, the resort will also ask visitors and employees to continue practicing social distancing and wear masks. Employees of the resort have their own policy changes to adhere to, but the one area where visitors will likely see the most change is indoors. For instance, almost all of the lodge seating has been removed to encourage visitors to grab what they need and head back outdoors as swiftly as possible.

If you're ready to hit the slopes this skiing season, Brian Head Resort is ready to welcome you back. Of course, if it's a cozy home you're searching for, we're here to help you as well. Contact us today to schedule tours of our Cedar City homes for sale.

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